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friends only.
please comment to request to be added.
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  • Due to the personal nature of this journal and some of my past suspicions, I will turn down most requests made by people that I have close real-life contact with (However, this will be determined on a case-by-case basis).

  • While I'm chatty about fandom, entertainment, and pop culture, I mostly use this as a space to jot down my thoughts and all that is going on in my post-college graduate life. I can be whiny about really dumb things. I am often sarcastic and have a generally twisted sense of humor. Additionally, I'm outspoken about the things that matter to me. If you want to be vocal in your disagreement about anything, please do so respectfully. But if you can't, my journal may not be for you. I have no toleration for Interwebz drama in here, so take it elsewhere.

  • Commenting at least once in a while would be nice. :) I understand not everyone can or is willing to comment regularly, but I'd like to know that everyone who befriends me on LJ is at least somewhat active.
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Always willing to friend another Idol fan! Thanks for the comment and the add! =D <3